The Moselle cycling track

You are planning a trip along the beautiful moselle valley?

We are happy to help you and give you some recommendations along the way.

You will discover the variety of one of the most beautyful cycling tracks in Germany. You will have enough time to relax and learn about the features of the moselle valley - which we are sure you will love after your trip.

The cycling track is mostly easy with a incline of not more than 100 metres during the whole journey. Starting in the South-Vosges in France, the cycling track leads you to Luxembourg where you cross the border to Germany afterwards.

The Moselle's international meandering journey starts in the french southern Vosges at the Col de Bussang. Though Luxembourg, along its loops to Trier and from there to its destination in Koblenz, on the German corner, where the Moselle and the Rhine flow together.

Cycling on the Moselle cycling track, on of Germany's most beautiful cycling tracks, you will discover the variety of the Moselle region.

We are happy to assist you and give you tips for on the way.

The green sign of the Moselle cycling track is easy to find.


The Moselle pathway

The river winds in beautiful Moselle meanders through the valley. You see vineyards in the slopes, even Europes steepest vineyards, the Calmont. An enjoyable biking tour on approximately 200 kilometres from Trier to Koblenz along the Moselle can start. On your way, you discover the fruity Moselle wines, stroll though the adorable Moselle towns small alleys which do all have their own charm. You should spend enough time to discover the world famous cities Trier and Koblenz on the beginning and end of your tour. We are happy to organize indivual addiational nights.


The german Moselle cycling trail, which is part of the international cycling trail "Velo Tour Moselle", starts in the small town of Perl. The whole way to Koblenz is signposted. On approximately 250 kilometres you will discover a varied landscape which is almost flat and not connected to road traffic.

From Perl you reach the growing area of the "Elblingrebe", a wine speciality in the southern wine region which is 2000 years old.

Soon you will arrive in Trier which awaits you with buildings from the Roman area worth seeing: The Porta Nigra, Konstantin-Basilica, roman baths and the amphitheater are some of the World Cultural Heritages. Your next destination is Schweich. The Moselle flows through the valley which is getting smaller and smaller. On your way you will see many small winemaking villages which have their own cultural treasure like the Roman villa in Longuich, the famous Roman wineship in Neumagen-Dhron or the Roman cellars in Piesport and other villages along the Moselle. Furthermore you will see many sundials along the way. We recommend you a visit in Bernkastel-Kues, Kröv and the art nouveau village Traben-Trarbach.

From now on you will see many castles on the hills and inside valleys. Marienburg, Burg Arras, Burg Metternich, Reichsburg Cochem, Burg Eltz, Burg Pyrmont, Ehrenburg and Burg Thurant are all worth a visit. You will see that the vineyards will now become steeper and steeper.

We do also recommend you to change the side of Moselle sometimes to see the valley from different perspectives and discover villages on the other side.

In Koblenz you can visit the "Deutsches Eck" where the Moselle and Rhine flow together. Here the Moselle cycling trail ends.