Booking & general information

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  • Categories for your overnight stay
  • Payment and additional costs
  • What is the difference between indivual and guided tours?
  • Types of difficulty
  • Board
  • Travel documents
  • Check list for your baggage

What do I have to take into account if I want to book a bike tour?

How do I make a reservation for my bike tour?

 Booking procedure:

To book your desired tour you have to book using one of the following options:

  • book your bike tour via our homepage
  • or book via fax, e-mail, see download booking form
  • or book via post, please print the booking form and send it to us via post (we are happy to send you the booking form via e-mail)

After receiving your booking we will check the availability and book your tour afterwards. This means that we firmly book your overnight stays, possible transfers and we will tell our cooperation partners if you have any additional wishes. You will receive your booking confirmation and your account after 1-4 working days. Please contact us if anything is unclear.

If you have any wishes before your booking or if you have additional wishes, you can contact us on:

 + 49 (0) 6571-7028 oder

We need the following information if you make a booking:

•    Contact details from the person that makes the booking incl. e-mail address and phone number
•    first and last name of all participants  
•    travel date
•    name of the tour
•    your chosen category  
•    accomodation (double -/ single -/ three -/ four bed room)
Additional wishes:

•    Rental bike: please add your height
•    Additional nights: when and where?
•    Travel insurance: which type and your date of birth
•    Do you wish for a return transfer to your first hotel?
•    Do you wish for half board (dinner)?


Travel documents and list of your hotels

After receiving the full payment, we will send you your travel documents approximately 14 days before arrival via post to your German address. If you make a last minute booking or you are not living in Germany, you will receive your travel documents in your first hotel.
You will get all information about your arrival and your bike tour (description of your tour incl. a list of your hotels, parking information, how the bike rental is handled etc.) via e-mail.

Last minute bookings

Last minute bookings are possible. We check the availablities from 14 days before arrival only if you make a booking. We will discuss possible changes in the program via phone.
Last minute booking are only possible if you pay immediately. You will receive your travel documents on arrival in your first hotel. After making the full payment, we will send you an e-mail with the tour description, a list of your hotels and additional important information you will need for planning your trip.

Additional nights

Do you want to extend your bike tour or want to arrive earlier? We recommend additional nights in Trier and in Koblenz to have enough time to see the places of interest in these cities. Additionally, a free day in Bernkastel-Kues is popular (you decide what you want to do on this day), we recommend a day trip the Maar-Moselle cycling track.

Change requests after making a booking

We understand that sometimes short-term modifications are needed. This means we have to book all the things you want to change, we have to make a new account, we have to inform our accounting etc.

Example: You postpone your tour to another date. This means that we have a cancel your accomodations and request for a new booking in the accomodation, we possibly have to find a new accomodation as your previous accomodation can be booked up on the new date. We have to reorganize the baggage transfer as well as the rental bikes, tranfers and additional services. We have to wait for our cooperation partners confirmation about the new booking.

As short-term modifications means a lot of work for us, we will charge you for this additional effort with a reasonable fee. You can find additional information in our terms and conditions.

Therefore we recommend a travel insurance that takes over possible rebooking fees.

Which categories for my overnight stays can I choose?

Categories for your overnight stays

Do you wish for standard, comfort or superior hotels?

All rooms are equipped with bathtub or shower, toilet and they are normally non smoking rooms. If you book our tour „ At home with the moselle vintner“ you will stay at selected vineries, subject to availability .

If you wish for a superior tour, the tour „Wellness and Deluxe“ might be the right choice for you. The selected hotels have a spa area and a restaurant that promise a culinary delight.

Overnights in the standard category:

In cities like Trier and Koblenz you stay at hotels close to the city centre and in moselle villages you will stay at private inns and guesthouses.

Overnight in the comfort category:

You stay at comfortable 3-star-hotels and vineries along the moselle. The rooms are bigger, „better“ equipped and can have a balcony or be better located.

Overnight in the superior category:

Some of our tours offer a superior category. You will stay at selected 3 or 4-star superior hotels. The rooms are excellenty located and have all facilities you could wish for.

If you do not find the superior category in the tour you wish for, please contact us for more possibilities.
You will get a list of all your hotels and a full description in your travel documents.
If you have any further wishes for you overnight stay (e.g. if you stay on a diet) we inform our partner hotels without obligation.

Payment and additional costs


The deposit is 30 % of the full amount and is payable at least 7 days after contract formation per bank transfer. The final payment has to be made 4 weeks prior arrival without any further demand. If you book less than 4 weeks before your arrival, the full amount has to be paid immediate. Please always add your invoice number while making a bank transfer.


Additional costs

Our prices include all listes services. Please note that costs for public transport, city tax, culture tax, admission fees, drinks or tip are not included

Individual bike tours

All of our indivual biking tours offer a daily arrival. Because of an important programme item, some of out tours have a specific arrival day. You will find a marking on these specific tours.

An early booking is advisable. We have restricted capabilities especially on our popular tour at a vintner's as most of the time you stay overnight in small and privat owned inns and vineries.

If you wish for an individual biking tour, we only check the accomodations availabilities after receining your booking. Depending on your travel dates we need 1-4 days to confirm your booking. Please understand this fact and take this into consideration when planning your vacation. The same  applies for additional night and special wishes.

Please note that minor differences in the tour itinerary, overnight places and program are possible.

What do I have to expect on a Moselle biking tour?

  • What are the different types of difficulty?
  • What board will I get ?
  • Which travel documents will I receive?

Level of difficulty

Whats the difference between our biking tours regarding the level of difficulty:

  • Family bike tours = short stages (approximately 20-30 km) and variable length of the stages on star tours, suitable for families with small children and less practiced leisure cyclists.
  • easy = short to average stages (approximately 30-45 km) and flat biking tracks, suitable for less practiced leisure cyclists and families with older kids
  • moderate  = daily stages with approximately 40 - 50 km, with most biking tracks beeing flat bur there can be some short increases, suitable for cycling in a good condition and/or E-bike cyclists
  • difficult = daily stages with more than 50 km, mostly flat biking tracks, there can be longer increases,suitable for active cyclists and/or E-bike cyclists


Normally all our tours include breakfast. In cases of incompatibility, if you only eat vegetarian food, or staying on a diet, please inform us during the booking process and we will pass all information to our partner without obligation.

Half board:

In some of our tours you can add a multi- course dinner which will be served in the hotel’s restaurant or a nearby restaurant. Please add this additional service whilst making the booking.

Lunch package:

You can order a lunch package for an additional fee at the hotel. The hotel will give you further information on your arrival day. A lunch package is not included in the price and has to be paid at the hotel.


Travel documents

We send you your travel documents approximately 14 days prior arrival if we received the full amount of money. Your travel documents include a full description of your tour, city maps and additional brochures. Our extensive info package will help you to plan you whole stay before arrival. In addition we will give you a check list and recommendation tips. If you make a last minute booking or you wish so, we will send you your travel documents via e-mail and you will receive a printed version in your first hotel on your arrival day.

Baggage check list

Baggage check list for your biking vacation in the Moselle valley

Your biking vacation is about to begin and you ask yourself - what do I need to put in my bag? One basic principle is always the same: The less baggage you bring, the more biking pleasure you have!

Waterproof pannier: 1–2 seperate panniers in the back and one handlebar bag in the front

Biking trousers with padding
Biking golves and cycle helmet
Breathing sportswear
Sports shoes (with non-slipping sole)
Trousers, socks, shoes
Shirts/blouses or T-shirts
Rainwear (Jacket and trousers)
Headgear (sun- and rain protection)
Swim wear, underwear, pyjamas
Sunglasses, spare pair of glasses and possibly sports glasses

Orientation & papers:
Travel documente, maps and vouchers
Money, credit card and possible money belt
ID card/railcard/vaccination certificate
Writing utensils/address book
Travel health insurance

Washing & caring:

Cosmetics, shaving materials
Sun and insects protection
Detergents, shoe finish

Bike equipment:
Replacement hose, bicycle pump
Drink bottle, repair kit

Travel pharmacy:

First-aid kid, painkillers
Clinical thermometers, antiseptics
Personal medicine

Camera (incl. charger or batteries)
Mobile phone (incl. charger)